Chief operating officer

You will work with the Norway CEO and Nordic Region COO to ensure that financial goals are exceeded, and that Lockton principles are adhered to by building and maintaining operational excellence.

You will be a key component in supporting the development and articulation of the Norway strategic plan, acting as the principal reporting channel for Norway in respect of these strategic goals, financial performance, compliance and operational matters.

The role will ensure compliance with all Norwegian statutory and regulatory obligations across the Norwegian companies with responsibilities for all matters Risk and Compliance, HR, Facilities, Technology and Operations.

Further you will work collaboratively with the other Lockton business in the Nordic region and internationally to share best practices.

We expect you to;

  • Build and maintain good relationships with key stakeholders and our associates.
  • Take ownership of the local IT strategy and systems, including project management of local application development and integration.
  • Have proven leadership and strong interpersonal and communication skills to interact with Associates at all levels.
  • Be able to identify developmental needs for associates and to provide appropriate mentoring and coaching.
  • Be able to interview effectively and hire prospective Associates.

For further information please contact CEO Anders Johannessen, mobile 0047 9130 3406, or our headhunter Rune Frøyslie, mobile 0047 4028 2150.

Please send us your application and CV before 20th May, and please use our digital application.

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De4 – COO – Chief Operating Officer Lockton Norway